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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FEED U available for everyone?

FEED U is initially available in the App Store for anyone to download.  It will soon be offered in Google Play for Android users.  Any user can send / receive food from national merchants on the platform.  However, local ordering is only available at schools where FEED U officially launches.

Users can also purchase food for themselves and earn valuable BiteCoins for every purchase.

Does the student need to have an account in FeedU to be gifted food? 


Yes! Only people that have an existing account can receive food. For the parents or family members to send food to their child, they can go to and they would be able to send food. Phone number, name, and user name would be needed.

Does FEED U offer delivery?

Delivery is available from restaurants on the platform that use their own drivers (not relying on  third party fulfillment). If a specific restaurant on the FEED U platform offers delivery as an option in their profile, then delivery from that specific restaurant is available.  Otherwise, orders from local restaurants are pickup / takeout only. 

As a user, when I receive a notification that someone "fed" me, what are my options?

When you #GetFed food from a local restaurant, your options are to 1) accept the order for immediate delivery / pickup within 30-40 minutes; 2) reschedule the order for a future day & time.   If you #GetFed food from a national merchant, the order will be shipped and received in 7-10 days.  Distinctions for each restaurant / merchant are listed in their profile on the app.

What are BiteCoins?

BiteCoins are both REWARDS earned from each purchase and GIFTS / CURRENCY that can be used to purchase food for users.  This dynamic in-app currency can also be transferred between users and redeemed for FEED U merchandise.

How can I pay for food and BiteCoins?

All purchases can be made via ApplePay and credit/debit cards.

How can I add my restaurant or e-commerce food business to FEED U?

Contact us at  We'd welcome the discussion.

When will my college / university be added to FEED U?

New schools are added on an ongoing basis.  If you're interested in becoming an Ambassador for FEED U at your school to help initiate this process, email us at

If I have a question or issue with my gift or order, who should I contact?

For questions about a specific order (ingredients, missing items, allergy info, etc.) please contact the restaurant directly.  For other issues or inquiries, contact, or text (973) 434-7463.

I'm a merchant and have a question about my account - who do I contact?

Contact, or text (973) 434-7463.

What charities does FEED U support?

FEED U is proud to work with national non-profit partners, The Jed Foundation (JED) and Feed the Fridge, making contributions directly to each organization. Users can also use in-app rewards, BITECOINS, to donate directly to the non-profit partners. 

#GetFed or #GoFeedYourself with FEED U

About The JED Foundation (JED) 

The Jed Foundation (JED) is a national non-profit working to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for teens and young adults across the country. JED's signature program, JED Campus, works with more than 400 colleges and universities to help strengthen their policies, programs, and systems related to mental health, substance misuse and suicide by implementing JED's Comprehensive Approach. Learn more about The JED Foundation at


About Feed the Fridge

Feed the Fridge is an effort to bring nourishment and solve hunger in the communities it serves while helping mom-n-pop restaurants stay in business. Currently operating in the Washington, DC Metro area and London, England and expanding to Los Angeles, CA this Fall, the organization does this by placing refrigerators in neighborhoods and paying local restaurants to fill them with fresh meals daily. Feed the Fridge also hand-delivers holiday meals to seniors who cannot leave their homes. Learn more about Feed the Fridge and their mission to eradicate hunger in the U.S. at

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